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  • Purchasing or selling a business Sunshine Coast

    If you are considering purchasing a business or selling a business of your own on the Sunshine Coast, the staff at Beckhaus Legal can provide you with the required advice and assistance. Each party to the sale or purchase of a business should seek independent advice from a lawyer and an accountant before proceeding with the transaction. Beckhaus Legal can assist and provide advice in relation to the preparation of a contract, the terms of a Lease, the valuation of business assets including goodwill, the transfer of liquor licences, the transfer of equipment licences, franchise agreements, arranging inspections and attending settlements.

  • Buying a property Sunshine Coast

    Buying a home can be stressful and expensive. It is generally a very long term commitment and at Beckhaus Legal we know that providing our clients with regular updates in relation to the procedure involved and the progress of their purchase can go a long way to making the experience as quick and as stress free as possible. You can come to us for advice at any time before you sign a contract, right through to the settlement of the property and we always make ourselves available to answer any questions along the way. At Beckhaus Legal, we offer a buyers standard quote for purchasers of a house and land on the Sunshine Coast. Our total discounted fee for our standard basic conveyancing is $1,520.00 and includes the following;

    1. Professional fee;
    2. Our standard basic search package, which includes:
      1. Title search
      2. Copy of Plan
      3. Land Tax search
      4. Council rates search
      5. Unitywater search
      6. Final check title search before settlement;
    3. Standard incidentals including photocopying, postage, phone calls, faxing; and
    4. GST.
  • Selling of property

    When the decision is made to sell a property that you own and a contract of sale is entered into, the staff at Beckhaus Legal can help make sure all necessary things are attended to by the property owner prior to settlement. These things include disclosure requirements if you are selling a unit or a townhouse, fulfilling any special conditions in the contract, signing transfer documents, providing the buyer with clear title and agreeing to settlement figures and adjustments with the buyer for settlment. At Beckhaus Legal, we offer a sellers standard quote for sellers of a house and land on the Sunshine Coast. Our total discounted fee for our standard basic conveyancing is $845.00 and includes the following;

    1. Professional fee;
    2. Check Title search;
    3. Standard incidentals including photocopying, postage, phone calls, faxing; and
    4. GST.

  • Civil disputes, litigation and dispute resolution services Sunshine Coast

    If a dispute exists between you and/or your business and another individual or entity involving a breach of contract, defamation or negligence, then a party may be able to sue the other for compensation in the court system. Civil law includes dealing with disputes involving neighbours, consumers and suppliers, business partners, landlords and tenants, buyers and sellers of property, home owners and builders, executors and beneficiaries of a deceased’s estate and creditors and debtors.

    Different legal matters have different time limitations imposed in relation to legal proceedings, so it’s important to seek legal advice quickly.

    There are alternative ways to resolve a dispute without resorting to a court trial. For example, mediation can be an opportunity for the parties to discuss the matter and determine whether it can be settled before proceeding to a trial before a Magistrate or a Judge.

    The staff at Beckhaus Legal are experienced in litigation and dispute resolution, so contact us to see how we can assist you with your dispute.

  • Criminal Matters Sunshine Coast

    If you have been charged with a criminal offence you don’t have to face it alone. Facing criminal charges is a daunting experience for both individuals and their families. The outcome of your Court case could potentially be life changing, so it is important that your matter is being handled by an experienced and professional solicitor. At Beckhaus Legal we are committed to doing the right thing by our clients and working to vigorously defend their interests. We will advise you of your rights, get you ready for your Court appearance and explain the Court procedures so you understand what’s happening. We regularly appear in all Court jurisdictions in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast. We can assist with all areas of criminal law ranging from small shop stealing charges through to charges for serious violent offences. The staff at Beckhaus Legal can also help with traffic offences (including drink driving and special hardship orders) and white collar crime offences (including tax fraud, employee theft, various offences under the Corporations Act, Customs Act or Workplace Health and Safety Laws). Contact us today to learn how we can help place you in the best position possible to deal with your case.

  • Deceased’s Estates - Sunshine Coast

    When someone passes away, they usually leave a last Will leaving their assets to particular people and appointing someone to manage their estate assets and liabilities to ensure what they say in their Will happens. The person appointed to manage the estate, the executor, may need assistance from a solicitor when administering the estate for example, completing the forms to have the deceased’s real estate transferred to the beneficiaries’ names, or transferring shares owned by the deceased to the beneficiaries. Depending on the assets in the estate, the executor may be required to apply to the Supreme Court for a grant of probate, and a solicitor can assist with the advertising and application requirements.

    Sometimes family members may feel they have unfairly missed out and may decide to take legal action against the executors to try and claim part of the estate.

    Some executors may not feel they can do the executor’s job and may want to apply to the court to have someone else appointed.

    The staff at Beckhaus Legal are experienced in all types of estate matters and estate litigation, so call us if you require any assistance.

  • Power of Attorney and Advanced Health Directives

    A General Power of Attorney, an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA) and an Advanced Health Directive are the three types of documents used in Queensland to appoint others to make certain decisions on your behalf. The staff at Beckhaus Legal can assist you with deciding when you think you may need to appoint someone else to make decisions on your behalf, who that person should be and what type of decisions they should be allowed to make for you. Call us now to help you make the arrangements so you have things in place before you perhaps decide to travel or need to go into hospital. Beckhaus Legal offers our clients the following prices:

    • EPOA for husband and wife/partners: $270.00 including GST
    • Back-up EPOA for husband and wife/partners: $195.00 including GST
    • Single EPOA: $195.00 including GST
    • Single back-up EPOA: $125.00 including GST
    • Advanced Health Directive: $190.00 including GST
  • Traffic Offences - Sunshine Coast

    Beckhaus Legal regularly represents people charged with traffic offences. The traffic laws in Queensland can be difficult to navigate and many mistakenly think they can achieve their desired result by representing themselves in court.  The laws in Queensland relating to drink driving and traffic offences are complex and change regularly. Whether you’ve been caught drink driving, driving on a suspended or disqualified licence, or you’ve been charged with careless or dangerous driving, we can help. If you need to apply for a work licence or a special hardship order, we can advise you on your eligibility, prepare your documents and represent you in court. If you have been disqualified from holding or obtaining a driver licence for a period of more than two years, we can help you make an application to the court for the removal of the disqualification. If your driver licence is important to you, competent advice and representation is essential. Contact Beckhaus Legal to find out more or arrange an appointment.

  • Wills and Estate Planning - Sunshine Coast

    Planning for your family’s future once you have passed away is extremely important. Taking the time now to seek legal advice and to prepare a last Will can save your family the additional expense and stress during a very difficult time. The staff at Beckhaus Legal can advise you about estate and probate laws, choosing executors and guardians and setting up testamentary trusts. Beckhaus Legal Nambour can also store your Will for you and provide you with a number of complimentary documents to make the executor’s job as easy as possible when the time comes.

    For simple Wills, Beckhaus Legal offers the following prices to their clients;

    • Will for husband and wife/partners: $445.00 including GST
    • Single Will: $280.00 including GST

    For more complicated Wills, call us for a quote today.

  • Family Law - Sunshine Coast

    Beckhaus Legal offers a wide range of services in relation to family law matters. Our aim is to provide the necessary assistance to help clients resolve the various issues arising as a result of the separation from their spouse or de facto partner. We are committed to working with our clients to identify their objectives and to help them secure the best possible outcome in both property settlements and children matters. Disputes resulting from a separation can be extremely stressful and expensive and we understand it’s something most couples would prefer to avoid. Whether you are someone who has complex business or property structures or an individual with a smaller property pool, we can help you with the division of your property and any parenting plans you may require for your children. Contact us to find out more, or arrange a consultation.

  • Leasing - Sunshine Coast

    The staff at Beckhaus Legal have experience with assisting both landlords and potential lessees.

    Landlords who own a commercial premises and wish to lease it to an individual or a business, can contact Beckhaus Legal for advice in relation to preparing a lease. We have prepared many leases for retail and industrial premises and we know the property law issues and the specific legislation which regulate the leasing of commercial premises in Queensland.

    Alternatively, as a potential lessee we know that leasing a premises can be complex and extremely time consuming. You have to be sure that the premises you are looking at is affordable, allows for your required use and that the landlord will allow you to promote your business in the premises the way you want.

    Contact Beckhaus Legal for assistance today.

Hi Kristen,
"Beckhaus Legal provided assistance to me in late 2015 when I purchased my first investment property from Defence Housing Authority.
The team were highly professional, helpful at all times and responsive to my questions. Further the professional fees were very reasonable for the services provided.
I intend to go to Beckhaus Legal for any conveyancing services I need in the future and I highly recommend others to contact Kristen and the team."

Leanne Newberry